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Safety for you and your baby is our utmost concern

We can safely and effectively treat women during pregnancy. We will work with your obstetrician to help coordinate care for our expectant moms. It is very common to experience either lower back pain alone or with sciatica (pain down the leg) during the 2nd or 3rd trimester. The abdominal muscles become lax causing stress on the spine, This affects your center of gravity shifting pressure forward forcing your lower back into a hyperlordotic (exaggerated) curve. This additional stress on the spine can also aggravate the spinal nerves leading to sciatica (pain down the leg). We cannot use standard physiotherapy such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation due to possible risks to your baby. However we have a number of manual treatments that are very effective such as: Therapeutic Massage, Intersegmental Traction, Therapeutic Stretching, Spinal Mobilization Techniques, Gentle Spinal Manipulation, Trigger Point Therapy, Therapeutic Exercises and Flexion-Distraction.

We will also provide you with specific ergonomic advice and exercises to use at home. Many woman suffer with back pain through pregnancy, you do not have to.