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Treatments Provided

SPINAL MANIPULATION (Adjustments): By gently moving the spine and joints to their end range of motion and then quickly but gently thrusting, I can move or mobilize the involved area providing increased range of motion and reducing pain. The "popping" or "cracking" sound associated with spinal adjusts is caused by a phenomenom know as cavitation. This is the rapid movement of synovial fluid and gases within the joint capsule resulting in joint relaxation and lubrication. The bones are actually separating not rubbing during an adjustment. Numerous studies have shown spinal manipulation to be an extremely safe and effective treatment for back pain.

FLEXION-DISTRACTION/SPINAL DECOMPRESSION: This has become one of the most widely used approaches to treat disc injuries with or without nerve pain into the leg (sciatica). Treatment involves the use of a specialized table that gently distracts (decompresses) or stretches the spine to islolate and treat the area of disc involvement. The use of traction or distraction of the disc combined with isolation and a gentle pumping action has been shown to increase disc height, reducing both back and nerve pain. This treatment is combined with physiotherapy and home exercises to help return the patient more quickly to full, pain-free activity. Many patients have avoided painful injections and surgery using this technique.

ULTRASOUND: By using high frequency sound waves the deep tissues are heated and micro-massaged. This is the same technology used in Sonograms. Ultrasound can improve blood flow, reduce swelling, promote healing and relax muscles. I can also combine ultrasound with electrical stimulation to quickly reduce painful muscle spasms in the neck or back. Ultrasound penetrates several inches below the surface to get into the deeper parts of the muscles. By comparison a heating pad will penetrate only millimeters. Most patients really love ultrasound treatment because it is painless and very effective.

ELECTRICAL STIMULATION: Our office has several of the most advanced pieces of physiotherapy equipment available, used by numerous professional sports teams. This equipment has the ability to use more than a dozen forms of treatment to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, stop muscle spasm, stimulate healing, repair weak or damaged tissues and strengthen muscles. I can use multiple or different treatments based upon your response to care so that you will recover more quickly. I can also combine electrical stimulation with other types of treatment including ultrasound to penetrate into the most stubborn and hard to treat areas.

LASER THERAPY: This exciting relatively new treatment option works on damaged tissues to stimulate cellular healing. We use a "cold laser" which does not produce any heat. Laser light of specific wavelengths stimulate healing and repair of connective tissues by stimulating the growth of new cell structures without the need for direct blood flow. Cartilage, ligaments and tendons are typically very difficult to treat because they have poor blood supplies. I have had great success on numerous conditions including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TMJ (Jaw Pain), Plantar Fasciitis (Foot Pain), Knee pain, Shoulder pain and numerous other problems that may not respond to other forms of treatment. There is no pain, heat or side-effects. I usually recommend 5-6 sessions however in some cases there is remarkable improvement after the first session.

TRIGGER POINT THERAPY: Many conditions involving the neck, back and hips and are associated with tight muscles which may eventually become chronic knots or "trigger points". These are areas that are typically painful to the touch and may cause radiation of pain into the midback, arms, legs, hips, buttocks and head. By using specific manual techniques along with specialized therapies, I can break up these trigger points. Patients frequently experience amazing improvement in their pain and significant increase in flexibility and movement.

COMBINATION THERAPY: By using ultrasound combined with a special form of high volt electrical stimulation, we can treat severe pain, muscle spasm and referred pain into the arms or legs. Ultrasound will loosen the deep muscle while the stimulation will reduce inflammation and pain. If you ever experienced a severe muscle spasm in your neck or back this is the treatment for you.

INTERSEGMENTAL TRACTION: Many of our patients love this particular therapy. A series of rollers knead, massage and stretch the spine and muscles providing both relaxation and improved spinal flexibility. The spinal joints are held tightly together by muscles, ligaments and tendons. Over time and due to pain or injury these tissues shorten causing loss of range of motion, stiffness and pain. The specific pressure applied by this table stretches, loosens and relaxes these structures helping to reduce your pain and increasing your spinal flexibility. Patients usually love this particular treatment because it is so effective and feels great.

REHABILITATION: After we have reduced your pain and restored mobility it is time to strengthen and stabilize the injured areas. In some cases pain relief is adequate but in many chronic situations long-term treatment in the form of home and office exercise is needed to prevent recurrence. Exercise, especially customized exercises have proven to be one of the most effective ways to treat back pain. Look at is this way, if you go to the gym and then stop after a few sessions your gains will be lost. When you have a spinal condition you are at a great risk of re-injury if the supporting muscles weaken or tighten so home and office exercises or crucial to long-term improvement.

MASSAGE THERAPY: We offer Massage Therapy during regular office hours. Combining massage with chiropractic treatment can be extremely beneficial when your condition involves tight muscles and restricted movement. Some individuals may occasionally prefer to come in only for massages. Not only do we provide medical massage but also sports, deep tissue and general relaxing massage sessions. Our therapists are New York State Licensed and extremely knowledgeable. When Dr. Breines recommends massage he will give specific instructions to the therapist to work on those areas needed to speed your recovery.